It’s organised in here.

Understanding linear regression

A still from The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

The curious case of linear regression

How to classify a machine learning problem

The output of a real-world logistic regression model.

Classifying problems reduces decision fatigue


What a machine learning handbook looks like before the dive.

How to choose the right chart: A practical example

Determining where the name of a common chart stems from, I leave as an exercise for the reader.

Systemising data visualisation

How to choose the right chart: The decision-making process

The kind of dashboard most of us prefer.

Data types define the way we interact with data

An accurate depiction of your constantly evolving data science vocabulary.


How to identify data types

How to identify a misleading graph


The importance of data visualisation

Myrnelle Jover

I am a data scientist and former mathematics tutor with a passion for reading, writing and teaching others. I am also a hobbyist poet and dog mum to Jujubee.

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